Michelle Ainsworth, LPC

In our busy world, the stresses of daily living can cause us to feel out of balance. u00a0This imbalance can lead to anxiety, depression, instability, and pain, as well as so many other issues. u00a0It can leave you feeling u201cstucku201d and hopeless. u00a0I want you to know that you donu2019t have to continue to feel this way. u00a0

My life and work have shown me that within lifeu2019s challenges there are powerful opportunities for personal growth, and each person has within them unique strengths to successfully navigate lifeu2019s challenges. u00a0By understanding ourselves more clearly, becoming aware of our strengths, and building resiliency, we can move past the emotional pain and stagnation to find the balance we crave.

I have worked in this profession for over 10 years and it continues to truly excite me when I get to witness my clients begin to recognize their potential and take charge of their lives, possibly for the very first time. u00a0Thatu2019s why I have such passion for what I do. u00a0I bring my years of experience, passion and knowledge to every therapy session. u00a0I approach my work with empathy, respect, and acceptance, creating a safe and supportive environment. u00a0You will leave every session with me feeling encouraged, supported, and heard. u00a0

Thatu2019s not to say that finding that balance wonu2019t take work, because it will, but I will be there with you every step of the way. u00a0 Weu2019ll work together to identify root causes to your issues and explore options for reaching that balance in your life.

In my career, Iu2019ve enjoyed success working with individuals, couples, children, and families. u00a0I am experienced working with all populations, and am LGBTQ accepting and welcoming. u00a0I have a unique background in both elementary education and mental health that has given me the opportunity to work with 100u2019s of children and adolescents. u00a0

Sometimes being a parent is both rewarding and extremely hard. u00a0If you are concerned about your child or teenager, please allow me to help them and you through whatever challenges you are facing. u00a0Any client that I work with will receive treatment tailored to your uniqueness and your specific issues. u00a0I understand that thereu2019s no single treatment modality that fits every client perfectly, therefore I am skilled in an eclectic blend of evidence based therapeutic treatments to help you learn to live the balanced life you were meant to live.