Essential Oils for Tiny Humans

Here at Wellspring, we welcome a holistic mental health options, and have particularly embraced essential oils. When you walk into our space, you can smell our daily essential oil blend that is being diffused. There are a variety of essential oils and oil blends that can be used to address a variety of mental health concerns.

     Our office admin has become my guru for essential oils. I have begun using roller balls of essential oils, those which are deemed safe for my tiny humans, for teething and sinus/congestion issues. I mix them with a base, such as coconut oil to dilute the essential oils themselves, and place them into roller balls to make them more functional for use on small children. I find they work well, but also my children seem to love the smell and the sensation (some of them tingle…in a good way).

     I roll the oil mixtures onto their little feet, then cover them with socks, as oils can burn if they get into your eyes. I know this from personal experience, unfortunately. We use On Guard foaming hand soap, which is a DoTerra product, and great for fighting germs; however, it squirted into my eye (with contacts in!)….ouch.

     If you are interested in essential oils or other no medicated approaches to mental health concerns, then I’d love to chat. Also, our office admin, Michala, is a wealth of essential oil knowledge and conveniently also knows how to get DoTerra products. Look for more ESSENTIAL blogs in the future and check out this link doTERRA Nursery Blends for a starting point for helpful blends on tiny human. We also host essential oil classes about once a month at the office and you can find out more about those on our Facebook page.

[We HIGHLY caution that you ONLY use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, like doTERRA, on your tiny humans.]


Our goal is to tackle tough mental health issues head on and to be the go-to resource for people that are struggling with depression, anxiety, and more.

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