Holiday Survival Mom Style

Hello my fellow moms! Tis the season. As if being the parent of a small child(ren) was not already trying enough on a daily basis, here come the holidays. Holidays mean out of town relatives who try your nerves, events to plan, gatherings to attend, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, trips to pack and plan for, interruptions to baby’s sleep routine/nap routine/eating routine…just toss routine out the window. As the holiday gauntlet approaches, how are you keeping your sanity?

My gift to you? I have a few ideas. Item #1: self-care. That’s right, I said it. Be selfish, mom. When you become a mom, you pass that point of “When I’m run down someone will take care of me” and realize that YOU are that person now. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Take care of your own needs. It’s hard to do…I know. Your child(ren) needs so much of you. But think of it this way, what do you have to give if you forget to replenish yourself?

Item #2: It if compromises your sanity and mental well-being, then rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how much you actually HAVE to or NEED to do it. That holiday lunch at your great-aunt Millie’s house that always results in 20 people cranky and yelling at one another…Do you HAVE to attend that? Maybe you could find a way to spend your quality time with those relatives in a different time, way, or space. If you can’t escape those mentality breakers, go in armed. Take a friend or relative or get out of jail free card (i.e. we have to go, it’s time for baby’s nap and he hasn’t been sleeping anywhere but his own bed so thanks for having us!). Stay sane, mama.

Item #3: post holiday recovery plan. Give yourself some rewards, incentives, or something to look forward to once the holiday hoopla has died down and your routine will resume it usual course. Reward yourself for not jumping across the table at loud cousin Gerta from out of town who always gives her unwelcome and way off color opinion despite no one asking. Take yourself to that discount Tuesday matinee or plan a dinner with a girlfriend after baby is tucked in bed.

In sum: self care, don’t compromise, and recovery plan. I’m rooting for you, mom! If you need someone to talk to, I’d love to listen. And GO!


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